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Project Description

Never Never Land

It is with Evergreen Dreams, a model-architekton in the Rereading the Future project, that the World Triennial of Contemporary Art is inaugurated in Prague. The Evergreen Dreams would later stand side by side with the great Vasco da Gama and Magellan under the dome of the Pantheon in Lisbon. An attempt at „rereading the future“ and a message that Nature should not remain just a memory to kneel before. A model – a 6×6 metre base, a „hay stack“ 4 metres in diameter and 6 metres in height. One enters along a path of wood, submerged into a polished steel plain. On freshly mowed hay inside are „Evergreen Dreams,“ childhood artefacts exhibited in a glass vitrine. Bottles of grass-scented perfume, hay and barn awkwardly and naively, as in an „amusement park,“ try to make an apology to the senses for the „unreal“ reality. In semi-transparent cordoning walls are sealed grasses carried by the wind.
Part of Nature has become Never Never Land, a tiny bit of which can be found only in the evergreen dreams.