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Project Description

Parc D’eco

The Gallery Park – Educational and Cultural Centre for Innovative Digital Technology, Architecture, Arts and Nature
is planned to be constructed at only 50 km away from Sofia, surrounded by Dupnitsa Municipality’s nature.
An extremely easy access to the Struma Motorway (international road A3, Bulgaria – Greece) – A 30-minute drive from downtown Sofia and a 60-minute drive from Sofia Airport.
The former forestry enterprise, with part of its haylofts in the valley lying between the mounts of Rila, Vitosha and Osogovo is being transformed into a research centre for innovative digital technology and nature.

The goals of the planned Educational and Cultural Centre are:
-Conservation and development of Bulgarian nature;
-Establishing laboratories and research sites for modern digital technology;
-Organising schools and classes to help educate gifted young talents, school and university students in the field of IT, ecology, sustainable development, etc.;
-Organising seminars, conferences and symposiums aimed at promoting the new global trends in the IT sector and experimental research;
-Setting up a park environment preserving and developing samples of the Bulgarian park art, including preservation of the existing specific dendrological species and planting of the specially selected vegetation, typical of the region;
-Building an architectural museum and sites illustrating modern energy saving trends, usage of renewable energy sources, restoration of traditional natural material processing technologies, etc.;
-Establishing contacts and collaborating with NGOs domestically and abroad for the purpose of implementing joint projects;
-Conservation and development of Bulgarian cultural, historical and architectural values regionally and internationally;