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Architectural Agency KADINOVI BROTHERS has been found in 1990.

The Agency designs in the fields of architecture, design and construction. Realised projects in France, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Portugal, Russia etc.

prof. arch. BOYKO KADINOV DSc

Founder of Architectural Agency KADINOVI BROTHERS.

Studied architecture in Paris /BEAUX ARTS – UP1/ and Sofia University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy.

Exhibitions, projects and lectures in London, Geneva, Paris, Rome, Lisbon, Toulouse, Brussels, Moscow, Stockholm, Barcelona and elsewhere.

Professor, Doctor of Architecture, Head of the Public Buildings Department at the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Sofia.

Author of “Public Buildings”, “The Ten Commandments of Architecture”, “Transgressions in Architecture”, “Architecture and Media” and “Architectural Sculars”.

Independent Expert, the EU’s Mies van der Rohe Award for Contemporary Architecture.

Member of European Committee for Architecture and Architectural Heritage.

Member of France’s Chamber of Architects.

Vice President of COBATY 11, Geneva.

Chairman of the VIZAR Foundation, European Prizes for Bulgarian Architecture.

Member of the European Cultural Parliament.


Maria Yaneva has been working for “Kadinovi Brothers” since 1995, mainly in the field of design and interior.

Maria is the author of interior projects for individual homes, theatres, galleries and hotels.

Nominated for interior of the year by Our Home Magazine and Ideal Home Magazine.

Boutique furniture, lighting fixtures and patterns are being produced following her projects.

Owner of “Kadinovi Brothers” Architecture and Design Gallery until 2005.

Concept author and designer of the following architectural exhibitions:

„Au rebour” – 2016 Paris;

“Beyond the Copy Paste” – 2013 London, Geneva

“Architectural Sculars” – 2007 Sofia

Co-author 2007 of the architectural sculpture “Never Never Land” and the text concept with regards to its exposure, presented in Prague, Lisbon, Sofia 2008.

Part of organising committee for VIZAR Foundation since its creation.

Writer and author of the TV broadcast “Architectural Silhouettes”, Bulgarian National Television 1998.